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Very good deals on UK Landlord Block and Portfolio Insurances. Just contact us, quoting Landlords and Letting

Blocks of flats and Portfolio Insurances

Block & Portfolio Insurance
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The quickest way to get a quote is to use our online contact form.

Are YOU paying too much for your block's insurance?

As a leaseholder or freeholder, are you paying the right amount for the buildings insurance of your block of flats?

Can you choose which company insures your block?
If so, then you should ask for a competitive quote for block buildings insurance.

Are you a leaseholder who owns a share of the freehold?
Whether you are a director or simply a leaseholder, you should examine whether you are paying over the odds for buildings insurance.

Contact us using our online form.

*Refer to IPIDs below for full details.

Are you a landlord with more than one property?

We may be able to save you a great deal of money if you are insuring more than one properety under Portfolio Insurance. Contact us using our online form.

Insurance Product includes

*IMPORTANT. Refer to IPIDs below for full details.

Our insurers may be able to offer quotes for all kinds of tenants, including students, self-employed, DSS etc. Contact us using the Landlords and Letting contact form.

The two Insurance Product Information Documents below refer to both BLOCK INSURANCE and LANDLORD PORTFOLIO INSURANCE.

👍View or Download LANDLORD PORTFOLIO POLICY Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)

👍View or Download alternative LANDLORD PORTFOLIO POLICY Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)