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Fast online tenant referencing for landlords. Reference your prospective tenants now

Landlord Tenant Referencing from only £20 plus VAT

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If you do have any questions aboout referencing, you will get a faster response by emailing support@vorensys.com quoting 'LandlordsandLetting'. If you need to speak to someone please call on 01630 318181, quoting 'LandlordsandLetting'.

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Whenever you use a letting agent you will usually find that referencing can cost between £50.00 and £100.00. Doing it yourself, via the links on this site will cost you far less.

A Fully Comprehensive Reference costs from only £20.00 inc VAT

Tenant Referencing for Landlord Rent Guarantee Policies

Tenant Referencing is a requirement of Landlord Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses policies.
However, whether you intend to take out one of these policies or not, it is vital, particularly in these times, that you thoroughly reference any potential tenant(s).

You will need the tenants' full names, date of birth and current address and if at their current address for less than 6 months, their previous address also. Bear in mind that if a person's name appears on the Assured Shorthold Tenancy then they are regarded for legal purposes as a Tenant.

Landlord Rent Guarantee Requirements for Professional Tenants
1. Identification from the tenant, containing a clear verified photograph
2. Either a utility bill showing existing address or a bank statement
3. Credit check that is clear of CCJ’s, bankruptcies & indicating confirmation of residency
4. Confirmation of employment – a written employers’ reference on company letter headed paper confirming your tenant’s permanent and current employment and that their salary is at least a multiple of 2.5 of the tenant’s rent (the documents must be no more than one month old from the start of the tenancy)

Other Important Information
You must ensure that you deal with the tenancy security deposit in the manner required by the Government - either insured or in the Government Tenancy Deposit Scheme. You must ensure that the tenant(s) are NOT given access to the property until you have cleared funds for both the initial deposit and the security deposit. You will not be required to show any of these documents before purchasing the insurance, but you will be required to produce all the above in the event of a claim.

Who can reference your tenants?
If your tenants are professional tenants in full-time employment and meet the 4-Point Check then a basic credit check from any UK referencing agency that is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority is satisfactory.

What about prospective tenants that do not satisfy the 4 Point Check?
If any prospective tenant's income is NOT at least 2.5 times their share of the rent, then a Guarantor may suffice. See below for requirements.

click to find out whether your tenant will need a guarantor for you to qualify for rent guarantee and legal expenses insurance.

The link above takes you to Vorensys Tenant Referencing.

You can register for FREE and once registered you will receive a welcome email along with your account number and you will be able then to start the referencing process for your tenants.

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Tenant Referencing is carried out by Vorensys. Sureweb Ltd is not liable for any errors in any part of this process.

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