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Advice for landlords, Landlord Household Insurance, Holiday Home Insurance, Landlord Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses Insurance, Tenants' Contents, Commercial Property Insurance.

Advice and help for landlords, Landlord Household Insurance, Holiday Home Insurance, Landlord Rent Guarantee and more

Instant landlord insurance quotes from our insurance partners

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The quickest way to get a quote is to use our online quote system. Alternatively call 01603 216399, quoting 'LandlordsandLetting'.

Our insurance partners offer many kinds of specialist landlord insurance policies

• Landlord Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses Insurance
• Landlord Household Insurance
• Commercial Property Insurance
• Blocks and Portfolio Buildings Insurance
• Tenants' Contents Insurance
• Holiday Homes Insurance

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Landlord Insurance Policies

These are specialist landlord insurances with some of the most competitive quotes in the business.

•Landlord Rent Guarantee with Legal Protection - our insurance pays your rent if your tenants stop paying and pays for legal help to evict them. Unlike many others, it is a "stand-alone" policy and therefore you do not need to purchase any other insurance as well.

•Landlord Household Insurance - this insurance protects landlords' buildings and/or contents with the option to add legal protection.

•Tenants Contents Insurance - for tenants to cover their property in rented accommodation.

•Commercial Property Insurance - insurance for offices, restaurants including high-risk premises such as taxi offices, fast food outlets etc.

•Block and Portfolio Policies - insurance to cover the building fabric of blocks of flats or groups of property.

•Owner Occupier Insurance including cover for UK second and holiday homes..

Our partners offer a wide range of landlord insurances for properties in the UK. Stand-alone Landlord Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses Insurance costs £225.00 per property for 12 months' cover.

Landlord Household Insurance includes property owners' liability up to a maximum of £5 million and Employers' Liability up to a maximum of £10 million.

Plus you can obtain quotes for block insurance for blocks of flats and insurance to cover commercial properties including high-risk businesses such as taxi offices and hairdressing salons.

UK Holiday Homes Insurance can also be used for lets subject to certain conditions.

How much will a guarantor need to earn?
• Check out our Rent Affordability Calcular UK
Click to find out how much your tenant has to be earning and whether your tenant will need a guarantor for you to qualify for rent guarantee and legal expenses insurance.

Primary schemes are Aviva, NIG, Covea and Salvation Army General Insurance Company as well as a number of specialist insurers for specific risks e.g. renovation and unoccupied properties.

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