Documents Required and Criteria in the event of a claim

All our policies have different terms and conditions specific to the policy purchased so please read these carefully. However in general to make a claim you must have met the following criteria:

✔︎ 2 forms of ID, reference check and proof of each tenant's earnings are at least 2.5x or more their share of the rent.

✔︎ Made contact with the tenant within 7 days of the first default.

✔︎ Landlords and Tenants are encouraged to mediate and arrange an acceptable payment plan to catch the tenant up to date with their payments.

✔︎ Reported the claim within 30 days of the 1st default to Legal Insurance Management.

✔︎ Provided Legal Insurance Management with required documents in the claims flow chart.


You must not allow the tenant(s) into the property until you have cleared funds (not a cheque) to cover their first month's rent and the security deposit.

✔︎ The security deposit must have been dealt with according to government regulations.

✔︎ You must have and must have shown to the tenant(s) evidence of Gas and/or Electrical Safety certificates where relevant.

✔︎ You must show evidence that the tenant(s) had sight of the Government's How To Rent guidfe.

This is a guide only. Confirm with insurers first before proceeding, particularly when a Guarantor is required.