Immigration – An alliance of right-ons and righties

Immigration has finally become a very hot topic in the UK, thanks of course to UKIP.  And what we are talking about is LEGAL immigration, mainly from the EU.  For years, thanks primarily to the policies of the slimy Tony Blair and his bunch of Labour Losers, if anyone called for immigration to be reduced or controlled they were tagged as ‘racist’ or xenophobic.

Immigration – what’s wrong with it?

The real problem with EU immigration is not that people from the rest of Europe are undesirable or unpleasant people, it’s simply a matter of space and resources, particularly in South East England.  This part of the UK is probably one of the most densely populated parts of the world.  Look at the difficulties of seeing a GP, getting your children into a school of your choice, travelling by train and even just driving on our massively overcrowded roads.

So who likes immigration?

Well, apart from the immigrants themselves, who are often moving from countries where the standard of living is way below that of the UK, there is an interesting alliance of others who favour or benefit from large scale immigration.

Lefties like it

The Liberal Elite and Lefties generally love it, because they claim it makes our society more vibrant with broader cultural base and well…they want to be seen as inclusive.  It also means they get cheaper nannies, home help and can get their properties refurbished for less. But interestingly there are two other very different groups who really benefit…

Landlords benefit

The first group of course is us landlords – particularly in London and the South East. Immigration means that the demand for rented property is at an all-time high, with large numbers of tenants chasing after a limited amount of property.  It’s typical that an average two bedroom flat can now be let for over £1200.00 a calendar month in the London area.

Mature Property Owners benefit

When I say ‘mature’ I am of course referring to the owners rather than the properties!  These are people (like me) who bought property in the 1970s and 1980s and if we managed to hang on during a couple of crashes, have seen massive rises in capital values, particularly since 1998. Of course immigration means increased demand for housing, and more housing needs more land and to partly quote Mark Twain, ‘…they’re not making it anymore’. As we know, young people now find getting on the property ladder an impossible dream.

Business benefits

This is the most interesting category. Business, particularly big business LOVES immigration.  It means that salaries can endlessly be held down because of the huge army of people desperate to work for ludicrously low salaries.  Labour, who officially favour immigration, bleat on about strengthening the minimum wage.  But the minimum wage, is absolutely pathetic at £6.50 an hour (November 2014).  Who can live on that!?  Of course, big business also gets the benefit of a larger market for its products and services into the bargain.  Finally, these ridiculous salaries are often topped up by tax credits, paid for by the government (you and me). So we are all helping to subsidize huge companies wage costs!  An of course Mr Wonga and other pay day loan companies love it because some people are paid so badly that they regularly need to top up their inadequate salaries with credit.

How things have changed in the past 30 years

In 1984 I had an assistant who worked for me on a part-time basis for £10.00 an hour and I am not known for being unnecessarily generous! My house in north London was worth about £210,000.  Thirty years on, people in medium level jobs are often lucky to get much over £10.00 and hour, and the current value of that house (which I unfortunately no longer own!)?  Well, on Zoopla it is estimated at £1.8 million!

Of course we do need a certain amount of immigration, particularly to cover skills shortages in areas such as engineering and medicine.  And people say that an ageing population needs young people to look after it, but of course that assumes that immigrants will be forever young. So, in conclusion, I feel that even though I actually partly benefit from large scale immigration, we need to really control it before life in the south east of England becomes intolerable through simple overcrowding. This alliance between lefties and big business has to be challenged.



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