Can you afford to use price comparison sites?

Image shows the lavishness of comparison websites' spending on advertising which you pay for.

An irritating opera singer, men in hotpants, James Corden and some meerkats

Can you AFFORD to use Price Comparison websites?

Landlords and Letting offers all kinds of landlord insurance at great value prices. One way to help keep these insurance products very competitive is to NOT appear on so-called price comparison websites. And of course it must be said that not all insurance providers do appear on these sites.

Almost all price comparison sites, whether they are comparing insurance, meals out or anything else, have to charge the companies that appear there a lot of money. This is simply because the sites themselves spend a large fortune advertising themselves in the most lavish of ways.

And who do you think ends up paying for this advertising? Yes, you guessed it!

Comparing The Meerkat and the Market

Take the ludicrous and massively over-the-top Compare The Meerkat campaign. Some overly creative and no doubt overly paid whizz in a Soho or Covent Garden ad agency obviously saw that ‘Compare The Market’ was very similar to ‘Compare The Meerkat’. So they must have thought ‘Let’s have a campaign based on meerkats and let’s call them Aleksandr and Sergei and they can have a Russian accent’ (Why?!)

The latest incredibly lavish productions show Aleksandr and Sergei encouraging people to go to the movies. You don’t want to go to the movies, you want the best buy! They even have a special website for you to view their gorgeous creations! If you have seen the ads, can you even begin to imagine how much this self-indulgent nonsense costs? It’s a price comparison site – not the latest Disney blockbuster!

Men in hot pants and and just one irritating opera singer

Then there are the ads showing an irritating opera singer flying through the air, or eating a cornetto or whatever and has the ubiquitous James Corden driving across America. I think we’ve all had enough of him haven’t we? And of course there are those awful excrutiating Moneysupermarket ads with inexplicably camp men walking about in hot pants or dancing with an equally camp Skeletor. All of these cost a fortune to make and indeed the TV time alone must be incredibly expensive.

You are probably the one paying for this nonsense!

And it all has to be paid for. And you will probably be the one paying for it because you can only be shown those companies who pay the price comparison sites to be listed and those companies have to cover this cost somehow. I cannot categorically state here that you will pay more by using the sites mentioned and I know that to some extent the economies of scale will play a part, but you can be sure that you are very unlikely to GET THE BEST DEAL by only shopping on price comparison websites. Simples!


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NOT on price comparison sites.

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