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Landlords be aware – Nick Clegg helps to give us more Labour pains

Back in 2012, the Deputy PM, Nick Clegg, in a fit of pique, decided to block new constituency boundary changes.  And he did this simply in retaliation for the Tories refusing to proceed with reform of the House of Lords – although I suspect that it was also to protect Lib Dem seats at the 2015 General Election.  Although I would personally abolish the House of Lords as soon as possible and get rid of all that archaic nonsense of people being dubbed ‘Lord’, ‘Lady’, ‘Baroness’ or even ‘Sir’, this was not sufficient justification for interfering with democracy.

Wallace or Grommet – he’ll still be PM!

As such, it doesn’t matter whether Ed Miliband looks like Wallace or Grommet or how he sounds, thanks to our crap first-past-the-post electoral system we will almost certainly get another Idiot Labour Government.  Of course the Scots will also be doing their usual bit to give the UK another Labour government – I’m so pleased they deigned to remain part of the UK.

Landlords – be aware!

So, next May we will almost certainly wake up to ANOTHER Labour Government, whether the the majority of people in England want it or not. Landlords will have to be on their guard, because almost every time that bunch of idiots gains power they like to interfere with the lettings market. They do this because it just makes them feel good and it’s a kind of article of faith left over from their origins.

Like the pigs in Animal Farm who pronounced  ‘Two Legs Good – Four Legs Bad’, Labour’s mantra is ‘Landlords Bad – Tenants Good’.  Watch out for pronouncements about ‘rent controls’ and maybe more!

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