Estate Agents’ Boards – A Personal Rant

Hands up who likes estate agents’ boards? They are everywhere and the agents say that it helps them sell your property quicker because people see them and call up. There are For Sale boards, To Let boards, Sold By boards and Let By boards. And they all have one thing in common – the agents love ’em.

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Using your property for free advertising

Agents love them because, simply put, it’s free advertising for their business! It is usual practice to ask the vendor if they would like a board but sometimes they don’t even ask and suddenly one appears outside your house. This happened to me recently when an agent was marketing a property I owned in Rotherhithe. Admittedly, as soon as I complained – and boy did I complain – they took it down.

I guess it CAN be argued that a For Sale board helps the vendor, although in these days of the internet it’s a dubious claim. But a Sold By board helps no one apart from the agent, with the idea that other potential sellers will see it and put their property with that agent.

In fact, I said it is free advertising. In fact, thinking about it, it’s worse than that – YOU are paying for them to advertise their business!

Agent boards and blocks of flats

This is where I really take exception to their damn boards. You must have seen small blocks of flats, maybe a short road and at the head of it on the communal ground there they are – loads of ugly agents’ boards all vying for attention. And by ‘ugly agents’ boards’ I don’t mean that the agents themselves are necessarily visually challenged. Unless you have a vigilant management company, there they stay – a complete eyesore! It’s the typical problem where no one person actually takes responsibility for forcing the agents to remove them. They are there TOTALLY as free advertising as no one knows to which flat each board refers.

Let’s make them illegal!

Agents’ boards exist for the same reason that many other nuisance things exist – just because they always have. I feel that these boards should be outlawed everywhere and local authorities should be empowered to force agents to remove them under pain of stiff fines. No exceptions.

Agents’ boards may have served a slight purpose once upon a time, although the ‘Sold By’ and ‘Let By’ ones never did. But in a world of Rightmove, Primelocation, Zoopla and others, agents’ boards are an anachronism and a real blight on the environment.

I’d be interested to see what others think – maybe I’ve got this wrong?  There’s a simple poll at the bottom of this item.

Should we ban estate agent boards?

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